Iridescent Pearls Make for Surreal Wedding Jewelry!

Freshwater pearls

Shimmery and iridescent pearls have been prized since time immemorial. In ancient Rome, they were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and status whereas the Greeks associated pearls with love and marital harmony. Through the centuries pearls have been considered the ‘Queen of Gems’, their unique status attributed to their formidable history and legendary allure throughout the world.

Wedding pearl jewelry, although traditional yet remains exceedingly popular even today. They accessorize beautifully with ivory and cream wedding gowns and more often than not, become family heirlooms that are passed on to younger generations. Choosing just the right pearl necklace can almost be stress inducing; so allow us to make this a little easier for you and help you to pick just the perfect one.

Perfect the Look:

Most brides always have very specific ideas about their wedding day look and for those who don’t, one needs to narrow down the styling options before you invest in wedding ¬†jewelry.

Classic and refined pearls pair exceedingly well with the delicateness of lace on vintage wedding gowns. If you’ve chosen a gown that has detailed pearl beading, a pearl necklace with a statement heirloom diamond pendant reworked for the occasion would beautifully complement your gown.

Color and Luster

Pearls are broadly categorized two ways – freshwater pearls or cultured or faux pearls. The pricing vastly differs and you should have a budget in mind before you go shopping for pearls. The luster, size and nacre (thickness) and symmetry of pearls will determine the price but perhaps a necessary investment since the nacre or the layers of the pearls is greatly responsible for the pearls’ luster and longevity.

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Pearls are naturally available in a variety of colors – ranging from white, ivory, champagne and a range of pastel colors. Darker pearls are available in green and black but these are the exotic variety and are cultured only in specific parts of the world. If you do decide to buy these, ensure that pearls are naturally colored and not dyed since this can wear off with time.

Complement the Gown:

The detailing and the neckline are your perfect guides. Gowns with high necks or off shoulder gowns don’t need necklaces and it’s better to shift your focus to earrings and bracelets.

Strapless dresses are best accessorized by a choker or a Victorian collar with three four strands of pearls. The necklace should be atleast 4 inches above the cleavage. Strapless dresses are excellent to experiment with and if you want to be bold and dramatic, this is probably the best dress to wear an elaborate neck piece with.

Gowns with V-necks or deep necks are ideal canvasses for long beaded pearl necklaces, with or without a pendant, but make sure your gown does not have heavy detailing at the top since that would clash with your neck piece.

A princess style pearl necklace goes wonderfully with almost any neckline barring the high neck. Falling just below the collar bones, an intricate or elaborate princess pearl necklace oozes royalty and is the perfect choice as statement jewelry.

Matinee necklaces would fall below near the bust area; they are an excellent choice as well but can be a little tricky to complement with the gown. They usually go very well with gowns low necklines and where the fabric over the décolletage is sheer and wispy.

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For halter neck wedding gowns – pearl and diamond drop earrings or chandeliers would be ideal and it won’t be a great idea to force the necklace.

We hope you find our suggestions helpful. Make sure that you don’t over accessorize and focus on one statement piece of jewelry; and remember to let your personal stylist guide you towards helping you find your perfect wedding look!

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Iridescent Pearls Make for Surreal Wedding Jewelry!
The detailing and the neckline are your perfect guides. Gowns with high necks or off shoulder gowns don't need necklaces and it's better to shift your focus to earrings and bracelets.

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